by Augusto Palombini

r.finder is a GRASS-GIS script created for the intelligent geographic survey, in order to check the analogies of the places where some known items are located and show the most similar areas in the region. r.finder outs a map containing all cells matching the same combination of thematic maps parameters of the non-null/non-zero cells in the input map. May out as well a statistical report and graphs of the cell values.

r.finder is a script to be run inside GRASS-GIS, on a Unix-based operating system. It is distributed without any warranty under the GNU GPL.

To use r.finder, copy the script (with administrator permissions) in your filesystem in:

/usr/lib/grass/scripts/ or /usr/lib/grass64/scripts/

then run GRASS-GIS and use r.finder in command line format, or call 'r.finder' in the terminal, to start the graphic window.

Download the script

r.finder manual page in GRASS style